Scholars’ Assembly 2018

We held a warm-hearted and successful Scholars’ Assembly mid-week to celebrate the excellent examination outcomes of our 2017 graduates.

There were 17 of the graduates who were inducted as Scholars, which equates to 27% of the year group. These students met the following criteria – for the HSC:

  • only the highest level for any course is to be considered, such as advanced or extension subjects
  • at least two Band 6/Ext 4 outcomes
  • and no outcome less than a Band 4/E2 in any subject
  • an ATAR rank above 90

and for the IB:

  • an overall score of 40 points or above
  • at least 3 Grade 7 outcomes, two of which must be at Higher Level study
  • no outcome less than Grade 5 in any subject.
  • an ATAR rank equivalent above 90

In addition, there were 21 students who received certificates to commend their achievement of gaining an HSC Band 6 or IB 7 points in at least one subject.

Three students were announced as recipients of the Tom Corkhill Trophy which is a perpetual school trophy awarded to the very top scoring HSC and IB student. This year, the HSC trophy winner was Naveen Shivalingam, who achieved a Band 6 in five HSC subjects. The IB trophy winners were Deborah Lam and Jenkin Lai who both achieved a perfect score of 45 points in the IB Diploma.

We are always pleased and proud of the results of our Year 12 students, and from the outcomes of last year I note that:

  • 46% of HSC candidates were listed as BOSTES ‘Distinguished Achievers’ with subject scores of 90% or above in one or more subjects. 63% of those students had that achievement in more than one subject.
  • 79% of IB candidates scored a full 7 points in one or more subjects; with 68% of those students scoring a 7 in more than one subject
  • also 96% of IB students scored above the global November average points
  • based on HSC results only, AISHK was ranked 73th against all NSW secondary schools sitting the Higher School Certificate (SMH statistic)
  • 81% of AISHK graduates awarded an Australian University Entry Rank (ATAR) of 70 or above and 49% gained an ATAR of 90 or above

I believe a considerable part of the graduates’ success was not only their diligence and focus, along with the teaching they received, but their practice sharing their learning experiences and their mutual support in striving for the best outcomes. In fact, the students saw each other as significant partners in their learning process.

Another part of their success was their deliberate, planned and consistent effort across their studies. Yet, the scholars are not any ‘better’ than our wonderful students in 2018 who were seated the audience.

I know this from reviewing the report cards for the scholars when they were in Year 8 in 2013; and in a range of subjects – English, Mathematics, MT, Geography, History, Science, Chinese, I saw quite a number of C’s and D’s. Not for all subjects or scholars, but for many.

Can you believe it?  C’s and D’s? What does this tell us?

For one, it tells us about the high value of a C grade at AISHK – it is a significant achievement, showing that students have solid learning for many of the outcomes in each subject or topic they are studying.

It also tells us about the quality of AISHK student behaviours, and that mastering success in the HSC and IB is available to all with directed and consistent effort, the guidance of good teachers and thorough review and learning.

I reminded the students in the audience, that they too could be sitting on the stage in subsequent years, based on their effort, growth and learning over time.

I also noted that the scholars are not defined only, or at all, by the ‘numbers and ranks’ that were quoted. Once they move on to the next stage in their life – further study, the world and the workplace, the marks and results and the examinations before that mean little.

During their school years, the scholars were also known for their sports successes and participation, their community service engagement, their leadership, their singing and dancing, their friendships. And effectively, it is their actions and behaviours, their relationships and strength of character, their interest in pursuing learning and knowledge which better define them as scholars, as friends, as family members, as citizens.

This is something I recommend that for all our students in the 2018 school year.

The AISHK Scholars for 2017 are:

Lai, Jenkin – Tom Corkhill Trophy recipient
Lam, Deborah – Tom Corkhill Trophy recipient
Shivalingam, Naveen – Tom Corkhill Trophy recipient
Banfield, Jonathan
Free, Dana
Hu, Ivan
Kong, Jessica
Law, Andrew
Liu, Isobel
Lo, Brayden
Loh, Cynthia
McCorkell, Jack
McGrath, Ethan
Milet, Gabrielle
Rawsthorne, Kimberly
Wu, Bennet
Yan, Veronica


The AISHK 2017 Distinguished Achievers are:

Alessi, Xanthe
Brookes, Tara
Burton, Annabelle
Chan, Chelsea
Chan, Stanley
Chan, Yat Yu
Cheng, Trevor
Choi, Sapphira
Chu, Natalie
Coburn, Bhavya
Davies, Niamh
Durack, Darby
Fang, Daniel
Lau, Sunny
Leung, Jessica
Li, Jemina
Ng, Katie
Tang, Stephanie
Van Beers, Kyle
Yau, Zoe
Yeung, Christy


Howard West | Head of Secondary