Preparation for Success

Senior school is finally here with all the challenges and opportunities that brings.

On Tuesday 6 February students had the Preparation for Success half-day to set them up for their final school courses. Firstly, our guest speaker Mr Johnstone from Elevate Education gave an entertaining presentation on study habits and skills for senior students.

Mr Johnstone gave three main pieces of advice:

  • Use the syllabus – this is the most valuable guide to each course. These are available on the OLP or online generally. Students should use these as checklists and base their revision on them, so they study specifically what will be on their examinations.
  • Organise and make notes – students were shown how to hone the notes they took throughout the course to maximise their usefulness. Mr Johnstone recommended using a ring binder with loose leaf paper to take notes in class and as a place to save worksheets, neatly divided by subject and topic. He showed students how to structure and format notes using bullet points and colour coding.
  • Revise consistently – schedule short, sharp and systematic bursts of review throughout the course using tools like mind maps.

After Mr Johnstone’s presentation our Secondary Dean of Studies, Mr McCorkell took the students through our All My Own Work program which was started last year. This is a compulsory course on academic honesty which students can work through online.

Secondary teacher librarian, Mr Hopkins guided the students through how to use our research tools and databases. Being able to access first hand research is an increasingly important skill which students need to master for many research projects they will be given. Ms Jones, primary counsellor, led a mellow session on mindfulness, teaching them skills on how to handle the stress of senior life.

We hope that all of these workshops will set students up for success.

May I also remind parents to submit two forms to us – the excursion permission form and the typhoon form? Copies of the excursion form can be picked up from the 8/F office.

Pulsford, Peter

Peter Pulsford | Science Teacher, Head of Year 11