Student Leadership

At Australian International School Hong Kong, teachers, students and community members build the understandings of leadership together through the total curriculum and by the way we all interact and participate in school life. In this way students develop their own understandings and their capacity to lead and influence others in a responsible and age appropriate manner.

Our school leadership activities link with learning opportunities about citizenship and our democratic way of life. These experiences assist all students to learn about and exercise the rights and responsibilities of participating in a community of learners that value social justice. The many leadership positions at Australian International School Hong Kong provide excellent opportunities for students to apply this learning to real life situations in a safe and protective school environment.

Our Student Leadership program aims to assist the school to meet the following objectives:

  • Provide resources and opportunities for students to gain leadership experience using a range of mechanisms, including Head Boy and Head Girl, House Captains, the Student Representative Council, Environmental Committee and the Peer Support Program.
  • Maximise student participation in decision making and ensuring that principles of equity and fairness are reflected in school practice.
  • Incorporate students’ views into planning related to school environment and organisation.
  • Encourage students to have a sense of belonging to the school community

Finally, I would like to recognise all the Semester One student leaders who were presented at this week’s assembly. I hope you enjoy your new role and I look forward to working with you this semester.

Head Girl
Kirsten Tran

Head Boy
Denver Phillips

Deputy Head Girl
Amelia Larcombe

Deputy Head Boy
Angus Cotter

Primary House Captains 

Eucalypt House
Chloe Loh,  Katija Shirley, Sebastian Gyngell,  Aavni Ahuja

Waratah House
Lily Cladingboel, Luca Reef, Thomas Reeves,  Hope Spiller

Jacaranda House

May Brown,  Scarlet Knowling, Jack Ridley,  David Roberts

Wattle House

Joshua Buffon,  Elizabeth McIver,  Eloise O’Neill,  Quincy Dawson

SRC Members

3B Grace Ogilvy, Luke Weston
3F Elias Chow, Madeleine Gething
3H Thomas Boyd, Lucy Galt
3M Benjamin Camilleri, Cleo Miles
4K Daniel McNeill, Isabella Vujanovic
4M Ashling Austin, Rory Parker
4W Connor Forsyth, Sarah McIver
4Y Summer Hartnett, Ananya Sarin
5A Alexander Camilleri, Annabel Spencer
5C Sarah Broderick, Ryan Liu
5P Thomas Christmas, Oliver Moore
5S Liam Clowry, Alice Harbottle
6B Jayden Fung, Christine Wu
6D Baxter Fuge, Anna Jerdan
6L Samuel Parker, Aidan Tsoi
6R Angie Chan, Andrew Chung

Environmental Committee Members

3B Maigan Lord, Peter Phillips
3F Cooper Glanville, Sasha Pizzala
3H Claudia Lee, Lachlan McDermott
3M Lachlan Boss, Pollyanna Bruce
4K Thomas Ambrens, Barnes Samantha Mackinlay
4M Thomas Allen, Teariki Short
4W William Holt, Ella Macmillan
4Y Isaac McGoldrick, Lara Riddle
5A Aela Breeze, Amelia Gething
5C Harry Makridakis, Liana Martin
5P Joshua Crachi, Scarlett Ezekiel
5S Remi Apostolopoulos, Jessica Phillips
6B Audrey Kwok, Daniel More
6D Eron Lin, Jessica McKenzie
6L Ivana Yue, Dominic Barry
6R Chloe Luk, Nathan Monaci

Shirley, David

David Shirley | Head of Primary