News from Mrs Atkins, Primary-Teacher Librarian

Greetings from the Library.

It has been lovely to welcome the students back after Chinese New Year and see the Library alive with the children reading books and participating in lessons.

In Week 5, we were fortunate enough to have a visit from the wonderful author, Sarah Brennan. Sarah shared with us her latest book in the Chinese Calendar Tales – The Tale of Desmond Dog. The students were thrilled to share in Sarah’s story about a brave dog, Desmond and the nineteenth century pirates of the South China Sea.



Book Week 2018

The release of Sarah’s book this year is quite fitting as this year’s Book Week Theme is Find Your Treasure. Book Week will be celebrated in Week 6, Term 3 (Monday 27 August-Friday 31 August).

Book Week is run by the Australian Children’s Book Council and celebrates outstanding books for children. It encourages children of all ages to consider how significant books can be, not only as a means of entertainment and escape, but as a way of informing their understanding of the world around us.

Let us continue to work together to show the children the way to this wonderland of thrills and happiness by giving them the key to the enchanted world of books. This year our Book Week Parade and Assemblies will be held on Friday 31 August; further details and ideas will follow closer to the date.


Our students are encouraged to borrow each week and may keep their books for two weeks if they take longer to read them.  Each year level is allowed to borrow the following amount of books:

Reception: 1 book

Prep – Year 2: 2 books

Year 3: 3 books

Years 4-6: 4 books

Classes from Reception to Year 4 are required to have a library bag, so that books are protected when travelling to and from home. Parents and Carers, could you please ensure your children bring in their bag on their Library Day and return their library books on time.

Care of Books

We treasure every book in our library and appreciate your assistance in caring for them at home.  The school policy for loss, damage or non-return is to request money to replace the books so that other students can enjoy the many favourites found in the library. If a student has overdue books, their borrowing may be restricted and after a certain period you may be sent a reminder email.

Library Lessons – The Teaching and Learning Program

Throughout the year some learning tasks may include:

  • Library orientation – introduction and revision on how to use the library to find information and recreation materials.
  • Reading / Book promotions – Storytelling, games and activities to promote books and encourage reading.
  • Author / Illustrator studies – Author visits. Finding out about and writing to authors/illustrators.
  • Information and Research – Develop Information Literacy using the 6 steps of the Information process: Defining, Locating, Selecting, Organising, Presenting and Evaluating. A variety of resources including the Internet are used. Note-taking and plagiarism issues are monitored.
  • Information and Communication Technologies – students use both computers and iPads including a range of software, multimedia and online projects appropriate to year levels to support their learning.

A reminder also, parents are most welcome to borrow from the library. We look forward to seeing you in the Library one day in the near future.

Nicole Atkins | Primary Teacher Librarian