A Friendly Reminder From the Library

Author Visit

On our first day back after Chinese New Year, we are very pleased to announce we will welcome the wonderful author Sarah Brennan to the Primary Library. Sarah will be sharing her latest book in The Chinese Calendar Tales, ‘The Tale of Desmond Dog’ with students from Prep to Year 6.

Students will receive an order form on the day should they wish to order an autographed book(s) from Sarah. You may like to have a look at her website .

Borrowing in Week 5

In Week 5, when school resumes after the Chinese New Year break, we will have lots of eager students ready to return their books and choose new ones. We have introduced a borrowing schedule for Week 5 to allow for this. Please check the schedule for your child and send in their library books in the library bag on that day. Borrowing will return to the normal schedule in Week 6.

A friendly reminder, all students in Reception-Year 4 must bring their Library Bag to borrow.

Wednesday 21 February: Reception AM/PM, PC, PS, 1M, 2G, 3M, 4M, 4W, 4Y, 5A, 6R, 6L

Thursday 22 February: 5S, 5P, 6D, 3F, 1S, 1T, PB, 2S, 2F, 2P

Friday 23 February: 6B, 3H, 1B, 5C, 3B, 4K, PN

Nicole Atkins | Primary Teacher Librarian