Event Dates & Callout for Committee Members

Dear Parents,

As always, the AISHK event calendar holds a number of exciting community events for the year ahead. I am pleased to share the following major PA events for your diary:

  • Mother’s Day Lunch – Friday 11 May
  • Father’s Day – Friday 31 August
  • AISHK Fair – Saturday 10 November
  • Jingle & Mingle Carols Night – Monday 10 December

Event Committees

As mentioned in my welcome letter, this year we are seeking parents who wish to be part of a PA Event Committee – a fun way to get involved and gain a greater feeling of being part of our wonderful school community. Please contact me by email if you would like to participate in one of the following committees:

  • Mother’s Day Lunch Committee: 1 volunteer required
  • Father’s Day Committee: 3 volunteers required
  • AISHK Fair Committee: 6 volunteers required

The AISHK Fair, occurring once every two years, will be the major fundraising event of 2018. Click here to re-live the energy of our 2016 Great Aussie Adventure Fair! More details will be shared soon about how you can support and enjoy this much-loved school event. During the recent Parent Association General Meeting held on Monday 5 February, some ideas started developing regarding the 2018 Fair theme. If you would like to suggest a theme, please submit your ideas via email.

We are also holding the usual Welcome Coffee mornings and Settling In forums throughout the year, so if you are new to the school and are looking for a little guidance or just to meet a few friends, I encourage you to come along to one of these gatherings. Please note all PA events and meeting dates are published to the Parent Association section of the AISHK website.


Until next time,

Veronica Monaci | President, AISHK Parent Association