Alumni Gives Education Back to the Community

Contributing to the community continues to be a tenet of all AISHK students. Since leaving AISHK in 2007, Helen Kwok completed her Master’s Degree in Education and Cross-cultural Studies and taught at Diocesan Girls’ School for four years. For the last six months, she has been volunteering at a rural primary school near Dali, Yunnan, in program called “Teach For China”. The NGO does not only operate in China, but all around the world. You must have a degree, but you do not have to be a trained teacher to be involved. All of Helen’s 480 students board at the school so she is responsible for their health, emotional wellbeing as well as their education – no small feat. The students go home to the countryside during the weekend. Most of the students are the so called “Left Behind Children” as they are cared for by grandparents while their parents work away from the village, often only returning once a year for Chinese New Year. Helen is keen to publicise the work that Teach for China – Teach for All does.

“It is great to see that her passion for service and for education has not waned in 10 years” (Mrs Lorraine Kennedy)

Helen also started a project called BooRanZi adVEGture a few years ago.

“Boo stands for Boogie. Ran stands for Ranger. Zi stands for Zidane. “They are all my rescue dogs, vegans. The project aims to encourage people to eat and wear animal-free products, and to adopt mixed breed dogs (”

Helen says, “The two years I spent at AISHK as a student have, I believe, pointed me in the direction I have been going in the last ten years, [including] Hong Kong Dog Rescue, service trips in China and Cambodia, analysing English novels and movies, writing songs about animals exploited in different industries”