Year 10 Look into Pseudoscience

Year 10 have come to the end of their Stage 5 Science education, but following their examination they have completed one last unit called ‘Pseudoscience’. In this unit they learned how fallacies are used to promote ideas under the guise of science, often to advertise purchasable products.

Students were given a ‘Pseudo Assignment’ to design a poster advertising a fictitious product of their own invention. Some advertised pills or potions promising benefits too good to be true shrouded in scientific mumbo-jumbo. Others presented testimonies of satisfied customers hoping consumers would simply believe them.

The posters were sent off to our expert marker, Michael Bigelow. Mr Bigelow is the President of the HK Society for Science and Scepticism. He sent us back a video explaining his top three choices.

First prize went to Nicholas Wu and Benny Hu for their GEM, a pill that enhances gaming ability. Mr Bigelow commented that he liked the faux-science explanation of how the pill worked.

Pulsford, Peter

Peter Pulsford | Science Teacher