Baked to Perfection – Year 7 and 8 Food Tech Creations

In Mandatory Technology, Year 7 and Year 8 students designed a recipe and marketing program for a baked potato that could be sold in the school cafeteria. They produced the potato, and made a recipe card, poster and package.

After evaluating their classmates’ potatoes, some were chosen to be further evaluated by the Chartwell’s staff.

Those sold at the Tuckshop were:

Awesometato by Valentina Kostiono 7B
You haven’t eaten a good potato unless you have eaten this one- 5 star quality

Pezzeratto by Wilson Liao 7B
This will keep you going

GRILLED by Ella Rowe 8D
Flavours that take you out of this world

The Basic by Bella Taper 8D
Easy and speedy, just the way you like it

Salsatato by Charli Evans 8C
If you love Salsa you will love this baked potato

Daisy Tang, Chartwell’s Unit Manager, presented Wilson Liao with a Jamie Oliver Cook Book for selling the most baked potatoes at the Tuckshop.

Lorraine Kennedy | Food Technology Teacher