A Message from the Head of Secondary

The Prime Minister’s visit

Congratulations to all of our students and families who gave the Australian Prime Minister, The Hon. Malcolm Turnbull, such a warm welcome last Sunday, here at school. The Sydney Morning Herald reported it as a ‘rapturous welcome’ and the accompanying image illustrated that, as well as the seemingly ubiquitous ‘selfie’.

It was a great event for the school and the Australian community at large and the BBQ was successful and much appreciated by all who attended.

The Prime Minister’s speaking and attention paid to the students was particularly appreciated. Thanks to the Development office and all supporting staff in running a very successful school event.

Activity Week 2018

A focus for secondary students this week, in Years 9 to 11, has been the making of their selections for activity week in 2018. It takes some time to get all students placed in the course places available, and once that is completed there will be further dissemination of the course activities and plans. Parents will receive the course allocation and billing information this week, through the enrolment mechanism.

There will be a choice for the current Year 7 class to make ready for camp next year, and our Year 8 students will begin preparations for their commencement of the HKAYP next year and the associated Outward Bound Camp activity.

Positive Education Conference

A number of staff are attending the Positive Schools Conference these two days at Renaissance College. It is organised by Positive Schools Australia and is being attended by approximately 300 school professionals from Hong Kong and Asia. Our secondary teachers will be joining the final day of the conference on Saturday to take-in the range of workshops offered.

We look forward to gathering feedback from the attendees to disseminate information to all staff. This will be aided by the leadership of Mrs Stewart and Mr Murphy who have been appointed as our Positive Education Coordinators in each of Primary and Secondary.

Howard West | Head of Secondary