[Student Report] SDRC Soccer Recap

During the weekend of the 12-14 October, 23 students from Years 6-8 headed across the border to Guangzhou for the SDRC Soccer Tournament. SDRC was a great experience and an opportunity to show our soccer skills in another country. We made lots of new friends and had a great time there. We got to stay at other people’s houses and introduced ourselves to them and their children, it was fabulous to see how other people live in China.

During SDRC the boys’ team played exceptionally well, winning all of their game and making it into the finals undefeated. The boys went on to win the final 9-1 and can home with smiles on their faces and large trophy to show for the efforts.

The girls’ team also played exceptionally well being undefeated throughout the tournament and making it into the finals. Unfortunately the score stayed at 0-0 throughout the game and went into overtime, where it still was 0-0 until the penalties. In the penalty’s we lost 3-1 and came home in second place, still really happy with our performance.

We all made many memories throughout this trip and had a great time. This trip couldn’t be possible without Mr McGunnigle, Mr Skellern and Ms Knight

Zoe Wall | Year 7H