Prefect Appointments for 2018

My congratulations go to the very large number of Year 11 students who nominated themselves for consideration to be a school prefect in 2018. The diligent and thorough way in which all nominees approached the task was well noted and much appreciated. After a process of making a video presentation, the polling of student and staff opinion and the completion of a panel interview, the following students have been appointed as prefects for 2018. Following which a four-day leadership camp focussing on leadership skills around team management and working together, the prefects have been allocated to working roles. These roles are not limiting, but rather direct specific student leaders to the important aspects of on-going school life. I look forward to the contribution all Year 12 students will make towards the success of the 2018 school years and the contribution these appointed prefects will make to the leadership of the student body.

Prefect appointments for 2018
Ronald Au House Captain
Annabel Brennan-Cohen SRC leadership
Kaitlyn Buffon School Captain – Head Girl
Zachary Chu SRC leadership
Phoebe Coogans House Captain
Kristiana Echaluce House Captain
Phoebe Fraser Vice-Captain – Deputy Head Girl
Sally Howell Transition Leadership
Michael Joseph Vice-Captain – Deputy Head Boy
Victoria Lee House Captain
Wendy Liang SRC leadership
Elaine Lok Community Service Leadership
Henry Loui Community Service Leadership
Lara Schats House Captain
Calum Stitt Transition Leadership
Aneekah Styles SRC leadership
Edmund Sze School Captain – Head Boy
Sam Thorley House Captain
Liam Walters Community Service Leadership
Robert Winkler House Captain

Howard West | Head of Secondary