Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards

Bronze Awards are given to Secondary students who demonstrate an outstanding achievement or make a valuable contribution to an aspect of school life. Silver and Gold awards are awarded upon an accumulation of Bronze Awards. Below is a list of Secondary students who received awards at the 11 October assembly.

First Surname Year H Class
Juliana Costello 7 W Bronze
Ella Coxon 7 W Silver
Ella Coxon 7 W Bronze
Oscar Dunstone 7 W Bronze
Caitlin England 7 W Bronze
Hayden Lee 8 H Bronze
Asha Tamms 8 J Bronze
Derek Tsang 8 W Bronze
Rohana Utamchandani 9 E Bronze
Ella Bindley 9 H Silver
Ella Bindley 9 H Gold
Ella Bindley 9 H Bronze
Elizabeth Kwok 9 H Bronze
Christian Wu 9 J Silver
Christian Wu 9 J Bronze
Kylie Lau 9 W Bronze
Matthew Vermeulen 9 W Silver
Matthew Vermeulen 9 W Bronze
Patrick Runciman 10 N Silver
Patrick Runciman 10 N Bronze
Claudia Ng 11 E Bronze
Adeline Chuah 11 H Bronze
Jasmine So 11 H Bronze