A message from the Head of Year 10

Term 4 will be a varied and challenging one for Year 10.

Most subjects set an end of year examination, in some cases covering material from Years 9 and 10 combined. These examinations will be held in week 5 which will be the first time we, as a year level, will have experienced a dedicated examination period. It is important that students set aside time to revise, as the difference between a B and a C often comes down to time management. This applies both to how students have prepared throughout the course, as well as to the next few weeks of intensive preparation. In pastoral care time students will prepare a revision timetable for the two weeks leading up to examinations. Students should seek advice from their subject teachers on how best to revise, but it is also important that students know themselves and what strategies work best for them.

In Week 3, all of Years 9, 10 and 11 will see the long-awaited documentary She Objects, which was postponed last term due to a typhoon.

Once examinations are over and have been reviewed, students will venture out into the wide world of work during weeks 7 and 8. Throughout Term 3, students have been organising their own work experience placements, with most students having confirmed them already. Those who have not should do so urgently and inform the school of the details of their workplace. Those having difficulties should let us know how we can help.

Work experience is a key step towards senior school and beyond, as students focus their goals for the future. Students work for two weeks under the guidance of industry professionals to experience typical workdays within that field. Some students will end up in careers in those fields, whereas some will decide it’s not for them, and that’s useful information too.

It is hoped that students will reflect on the experiences of Term 4 and use them as a springboard for success in Years 11 and 12.

Pulsford, Peter

Peter Pulsford | Head of Year 10