AISHK Drama Night

As part of their Semester 2 course, Years 9 – 11 drama classes will each be performing a play at our annual Drama Night tonight, Tuesday 24th October. This marks the students’ final practical assessment for the semester.

In the Year 9 play ‘Good Cop Bad Cop’, four rookie detectives try desperately to uncover the mystery of the confusing street sign mix up! They grill a motley crew of suspects and witnesses in a desperate attempt to save the city and their jobs! But this is no easy task given the somewhat ridiculous and uncooperative characters they have to deal with.

The Year 10 class will perform ‘The Support Group From Hell’ which is certainly quite different from any other typical teenage support group as newcomer, Wendy, soon finds out. Who is Vladimir and why does he speak with a Transylvanian accent? Why does Lucy only speak one word -braiiinnnnssss? And why does Janet think she’s Batman?

Year 11 students will present ‘Home Sweet Home’ which tells the story of school aged teenagers Tom and his sister Ella who share an apartment. The fascinating comings and goings of these two and their unconventional family, in the style of a television comedy sitcom, becomes the focus of this performance. You will find yourself completely engaged as Tom’s life becomes increasingly more complicated as secrets are revealed and stereotypes are challenged.

Please join us tonight at 7:00pm in the Auditorium. There is no admission charge.

Lindsay Bennie | Drama Teacher