Students Bring their Best to Australian History and Geography Competitions

Students recently participated in the Australian History and Geography Competitions. Well done to each and every one of these students for accepting the challenge of testing their skills and knowledge against the many thousands of other students across Australia and other International Schools. Congratulations to all those students who were awarded certificates of achievement in their respective divisions.

Australian Geography Competition 2017

Junior Section

High Distinction: Michael Hodge, Jaxon Lee, Richard Leow

Distinction: George Cheng, Martin Dy, Connor McInnes, Jasmine Wong, Marcus Chan, Chadwick Ho, Owen Walker, Claudia Wong

Participation: Cherry Chung, Ella Coxon, Emma Loui, Nicholas Ng, Ethan Chuah, Alison Ho, Geoffrey Pang, Derek Tsang, Angela Wang, Zachary Yap, Wai Yau

Intermediate Section

High Distinction: Kylie Lau, Benedict Hu, Temana Short, Iris Yuan

Credit: Samuel Richards

Participation: Yuan Yu

Senior Section

High Distinction: Adeline Chuah, Jenkin Lai, Jake Purdey

Credit: Henry Loui

Australian History Competition Results 2017

Year 8

High Distinction: Marcus Chan, Chadwick Ho

Distinction: Michael Hodge, Richard Leow

Credit: Jaxon Lee, Geoffrey Pang, Owen Walker, Claudia Wong

Merit: Alison Ho

Participation: Ethan Chuah, Wai Yau

Year 10

Distinction: Benedict Hu, Temana Short, Iris Yuan

Don Somerville | Head of HSIE (Year 7 – 12)