Secondary English Students Meet Author Scot Gardner

AISHK has a proud tradition of hosting leading Australian and international authors, and this week we were thrilled to welcome Scot Gardner. Hailing from Victoria, Scot is a highly regarded, award-winning author of seventeen works of fiction, including best-sellers The Dead I Know and White Ute Dreaming. Scot thoroughly entertained English classes from Years 8, 9, 10 and 11 with his laconic Australian humour and anecdotes about subjects as diverse as fireworks, kite surfing and sibling rivalry. He also made a compelling case for the inclusion of crocodiles in any good romance story. Scot shared insights into his writing life and creative process, and ran a special workshop for the Year 11 HSC students in which they generated ideas for stories about “Discovery” (one of the main topics studied in Year 12).

The feedback from students has been overwhelmingly positive and already Scot’s books have been quickly “sold out” (borrowed out?) at the library.

The AISHK English Department warmly thank Scot for visiting us and extend a warm invitation for an encore performance in the future.

Peter Phillips | Head of English