A Message from Secondary

Year 12 Graduation

The graduation program for Year 12 is ready and our students are excited and prepared for the final events of their school career.

At secondary assembly, Wednesday of this week, Sean Chen, Annabelle Burton, Chelsea Chan and Stanley Chan gave messages of thanks to the teachers of Year 12, which, even though formally stated in front of the assembled students, came from the heart. They were messages of thanks and gratitude which were also interspersed with encouragement as they considered their futures. The fact that the four were speaking on behalf of their classmates made their well-worded thanks even more meaningful.

This evening will be the occasion of the Valedictory Dinner where the Class of 2017, their parents and teachers gather for a celebratory final dinner to warmly ‘send-off’ the class. It is a formal yet simple event but it is warmly convivial and gives a chance for reflections and conversations around the work, relationships and successes of the class. At that event, the school captains and vice captains Dana Free, Brayden Lo, Naveen Shivalingam, Christy Yeung will propose the toast to the school as a mark of their time at AISHK.

Finally, on Wednesday 20 September, the Valedictory Assembly celebrates the Year 12s in a formal way. They are awarded their Graduation Certificates and special prizes before passing-out through the collected school into the wider world. One of the special parts of the assembly is the arrival of the Preparatory students of 2017 who bring farewell gifts to the Year 12 students and then accompany them as they exit through the audience. School Captains Dana Free and Brayden Lo deliver an address to the school and for 2017 Jonathan Banfield and Olivia McDuffie will deliver the Valedictorian speech.

At this stage, there is a sense of an ending but it is somewhat premature, as all the Year 12s are yet to sit their final examinations during October and November in both the HSC and IB courses. Once their examinations are complete we look forward to celebrating their results across the Christmas and New Year period. These outcomes are published to the school community during January of next year.

Prefect selection for 2018

Secondary students had the opportunity this week to cast their ballot to recommend consideration of Year 11 students, who have nominated, for prefects in 2018. Once the ballot recommendation of students and staff is complete, a reduced number of prefect candidates are invited to an interview with the Head of School’s interview panel. From this point and with further scrutiny, a group of prefect nominees are selected to attend a training qualifying camp and, with success, will be announced as prefects for 2018. There is a considerable amount of rigour in the process with the aim of selecting students who can serve and lead the school students and foster their sense of community.

Howard West | Head of Secondary