Artist in Residence

During AISHK’s first artist in residence program, Art students from Prep to Year 11 worked with Leanne Claxton, an artist who specialises in oil painting and printmaking. Her representation of flora subject matters celebrates the haute couture and the relationship between art and fashion. Claxton and students took on an immersive journey in an exploration of pattern inspired by the theme ‘Global Travel’. During the art making process, Leanne showed students various drawing and printing making skills and techniques. We also explored other tactile materials. All students contributed their art making skills in creating a collaborative artwork.

This experience has broadened the student’s art knowledge and expanded their understanding of innovative approaches to exploring art different mediums. With ‘Global Travel’ being the inspiration behind the collaborative artwork, students could incorporate illustrations, patterns and techniques to represent multiculturalism and personal triumph in the arts. Claxton offered students an insight into an innovative and intellectual art world. The work also celebrates the creativity across all ages. Since AISHK is an International School, an Australian school integrated into Hong Kong, with a vast variety of students coming from different places, the artwork also represents the school’s multiculturalism.

It was a privilege for us, the Year 9 Visual Arts Students, to have worked for the three full days with Leanne. Our completed artwork is now permanently on display in the Auditorium.

 Year 9 Visual Arts Students