Year 12 Music and Drama Night

On Tuesday 29 August, the Year 12 music and drama students will present some of their performance and composition pieces in preparation for the upcoming HSC and IB examinations.

The evening will feature vocalist Dana Free, drummer Olivia McDuffie, cellist Garrick Tang, composer Deborah Lam, and drama student Nathan Webb.

They are joined by Year 11 students Robert Winkler, Jessica Botfield and Liam Walters.

Nathan, Jessica, and Robert will present a self-devised group production that explores the world of trending, and Nathan’s monologue performance challenges audiences with the blurred lines between fantasy and reality.

Garrick will present a range of musical repertoire on the cello, including works by Prokofiev, Saint-Saens, Popper and a piece by the Chinese composer Bright Sheng.

Olivia will be joined by Dana, Robert and Liam in a performance of ‘Snap out of it‘ by Arctic Monkeys.

Deborah will present one of her compositions titled ‘Monday Morning in Hong Kong’, an instrumental piece written for flute, two violins and cello.

Dana will perform two contrasting musical styles, including the jazz standard ‘Orange Colored Sky” and ‘Only a Fairytale’ from the musical theatre show Solana.

We warmly welcome all members of the school community to join us and in this way support these students on their artistic journeys.

Graeme Tyler | Head of Performing Arts