ICAS Science and Spelling test results

Congratulations to the following students who achieved a Credit, a Distinction or a High Distinction in the recent ICAS Science and Spelling tests:

First Name Surname Test Year Group Result
Marcus Chan Science 3D Distinction
Valerie Moreno Dy Science 3D Credit
Oliver Spurling Science 3F Credit
Jessica Phillips Science 4K Credit
Lucas Shen Science 4K Distinction
Harry Makridakis Science 4M Credit
Eunie Jeong Science 4Y Distinction
Ryan Kai Yuen Liu Science 4Y Credit
Charlie Ware Science 4Y Credit
Leighton Tang Science 5A Credit
Jayden Fung Science 5B High Distinction
Ben Brookes Science 5C Distinction
Adam Chan Science 5C High Distinction
Andrew Chung Science 5C Distinction
Anna Jerdan Science 5C Credit
Zoe Leung Science 5C Credit
Kirsten Tran Science 5S Credit
Tomas Camo Science 6B Distinction
Isabella Lai Science 6B Credit
Xavier Wollinski Science 6B Distinction
Hayley Allen Science 6L Credit
Sebastian Jay Hsien Science 6L Distinction
Amelia Mei Ji Lai Science 6L Credit
Jeannie Leung Science 6L Credit
Toby Dear Science 6R Distinction
Kristen Li Science 6R Distinction
Alison Or Science 6R Distinction
Trisha Chan Science 6W Distinction
Olivia Dudman Science 6W Distinction


First Name Surname Test Year Group Result
Daniel Hei Kiu Lee Spelling 3D Distinction
Valerie Moreno Dy Spelling 3D Credit
Eddie Wei Spelling 3D Distinction
Hana Noronha Spelling 3F High Distinction
Oliver Spurling Spelling 3F High Distinction
Summer Hartnett Spelling 3M Credit
Daniel McNeill Spelling 3M Credit
Aiden Sun Spelling 3P Distinction
Dylan Clarke Spelling 4K Credit
Ava Ki Spelling 4K Credit
Jessica Phillips Spelling 4K Credit
Bernice Siu Spelling 4K Distinction
Errick Wai Lik Lui Spelling 4M High Distinction
Oliver Moore Spelling 4M Credit
Alexander Camilleri Spelling 4O Credit
Joshua Chow Spelling 4O Credit
Isabella Hildebrand Spelling 4O Credit
Albert Wang Spelling 4O Credit
Yu Huang Spelling 4Y Credit
Eunie Jeong Spelling 4Y High Distinction
Ryan Kai Yuen Liu Spelling 4Y Distinction
Cheyenne Liu Spelling 4Y Distinction
Maxine Tsang Spelling 4Y Credit
Natalie Bui Yan Chan Spelling 5A Credit
Marco Kei Sun Chan Spelling 5A Credit
Samuel Sun Kiu Lee Spelling 5A Distinction
Leighton Tang Spelling 5A Distinction
Chloe Choi Ying Luk Spelling 5B Credit
Jessica McKenzie Spelling 5B Credit
Aurora Aranez Spelling 5C Credit
Adam Chan Spelling 5C Distinction
Andrew Chung Spelling 5C Credit
Zoe Leung Spelling 5C Distinction
Angus Cotter Spelling 5S Credit
Quincy Dawson Spelling 5S Distinction
Audrey Kwok Spelling 5S Distinction
Kirsten Tran Spelling 5S Distinction
Elke Chaplin Spelling 6B Credit
Isabella Lai Spelling 6B Distinction
Amy Tsibogiannis Spelling 6B Credit
Charles Bull Spelling 6L Credit
Joanne Helly Spelling 6L Credit
Sebastian Jay Hsien Spelling 6L Credit
Jeannie Leung Spelling 6L Credit
Emily Ng Spelling 6L Distinction
Blake Philip Spelling 6L Credit
Daniel Tohill Spelling 6L Credit
Naoise Breeze Spelling 6R Credit
Toby Dear Spelling 6R Distinction
Jerren Liang Spelling 6R Credit
Olivia Dudman Spelling 6W Credit
Shannen Lee Spelling 6W Credit
Isaac Lun Spelling 6W Credit
Victoria Yui Tung Tang Spelling 6W Distinction