Aquathon Success for AISHK Students

Term 2 saw 20 students from Year 4 to Year 6 take part in Aquathon Training. Training was run over a 2 hour session once a week focusing on swimming, transitioning and running. The Aquathon Race consists of a 250m swim and a 1km run done by each individual in a team of 6.

AISHK sent two teams to Kellett in May and KGV last Saturday. KGV is the pinnacle of primary school Aquathon with 26 teams competing from 15 top International Schools.

Congratulations to our A Team who placed 4th narrowly missing 3rd by 16 seconds. Benji Miles was our leading team member finishing the course in 9.11 followed by Charlie Ware, Amelia Larcombe, Aavni Ahuja, Albert Wang and Luella Smart.

Congratulations to our B Team for being the top ranked B Team, beating 8 schools A Teams and placing 8th overall. Charlie Bull was our leading team member finishing the course in 9.41 followed by Amelie Gibson, Cheuk Yiu Lam, Amelia Lai, Sean Baxter and Sophia Zervaas.

We also had two reserves who raced on Saturday, Jack Ridley and May Baxter. Their performances were sizzling and recorded times which rivaled many others.

8th: AISHK B- 60.47

4th: AISHK A- 56.33

3rd: GSIS A- 56.17

2nd: KELL PF- 55.43

1st: KENN A- 52.61

Training will begin at the end of Term 1 2018 for another shot at the title.

Bennie, Niall

Niall Bennie | Director of Sport and Activities