Andrew Chambers of Tsunami Sport Chats with Business Students

Andrew Chambers, Founder and CEO of Tsunami Sport found time in his busy schedule to come in and talk with Year 12 Business Studies students about the world of team sportswear apparel. It was a very relaxed atmosphere in which Andrew spoke about his journey from starting the company to where it is today. The floor was then opened to question and answers. Our students wasted no time in grilling Andrew on such topics as cash flow, just-in-time operations and Tsunami’s vision to be the number one “eco-sports” brand. It was a very insightful conversation and the students were given lots to ponder and many insights which will help them with their forthcoming HSC examinations.

Tsunami is now a familiar name at school. They are the providers of the new AISHK sports uniforms unveiled earlier this year. Lion_Rock_Term_1_2017_Volume22_SportUniformSpread

Andrew talks about some of the “eco-sports” concepts he mentioned in this video:

Tsunami ECOFit – Sportswear that makes a difference from Tsunami Sport on Vimeo.

Nelson, Ian

Ian Nelson | HSIE Teacher