Happy Summer Holidays

Congratulations to all students for your thorough and rewarding work this term. There are many successful outcomes for students and I’m sure there are areas for improvement. Conversation around these will be important work for all of us at the start of Term 3.

The recent school reports, being issued today, indicate a broad range of student engagement and learning. But significantly, the relationship building between students and students and teachers is probably the most important aspect of their life here at school, as those positive relationships foster the best results for students. We will continue to prosper all aspects of work and engagement, relationship building and character strengths acknowledgement to support our students’ well-being.

Additionally, the Positive Education learning opportunity for parents with Dr Helen Street’s workshop on Tuesday 25 July is an excellent way to start the new term and to bring you up to date with our school journey in Positive Education. We look forward to seeing you there.

I wish all students and their families a happy and restful holiday period during this summer break. It is a wonderful opportunity for our students to do acts of support and kindness for their parents, who so ably support them during the school term. We look forward to greeting you again at the start of Term 3. Enjoy.

West, Howard

Howard West | Head of Secondary