Year 4 STEAMs ahead

In Year 4, students use digital technologies to develop their processing and production skills, A.K.A. coding. This term, students have started training using Google CS First, a computer science program that develops skills in writing code. The learn how to create an online story of their own imaginings. Students have joined a theme-based club that offers approximately 10 hours worth of lessons and activities. Using Scratch, students work through a sequence of steps involving branching and user input to tell fun and interactive stories.

ICT in Year 4 also involves engaging with an electronic invention kit, The Makey Makey. These invention kits turn everyday objects into touchpads. Students can connect the kits to Scratch and control their coded story or game from an object external to their computer. This tool provides students with the opportunity to experiment, innovate and create.

Another project students will engage with is the creation of an arcade game – creating the code and external game for others to interact with. In Term 4 we will showcase these skills in the school’s first ever games arcade.

Fellow Year 4 teacher Ms Emma Knight and myself will be presenting on this topic at the Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference in Singapore this month. Here, we will share how our students use design thinking, coding and technology through organic STEAM experiences in the classroom.

Marsh, Maggie Patricia

Maggie Marsh | Head of Year Four