SRC Have a BBQ with the Neighbours


Our new friends from Kowloon Tong Government School came to join with us for one last time this semester, however, it was a little different to our usual activities.  This time it was on Wednesday and at 12:00pm instead of the normal 3:15pm. We had a BBQ celebration with our special visitors to celebrate the end of what has been a wonderful program of learning and forming ‘Positive Actions and Positive Relationships.’

Our very excited guests were greeted by some of our students and led down to the playground where our SRC representatives and ECA participants were eagerly awaiting. After a feast of sausage sandwiches, it was chats and smiles all around before heading off a for some serious playtime on the equipment. Like all good things, it came to an end and we thanked and waved goodbye to the students of Kowloon Tong Government School. It was certainly apparent though, that we were not only saying goodbye to our neighbours, but also our friends.

Thank you to all the staff, especially our Chinese teachers who have assisted heavily in making this happen. It was a special time indeed.

Lemmon, Lynda

Lynda Lemmon | Year 6 Classroom Teacher