GRAPP Recapp

GRAPP is a Year 6 competition that provides students with the opportunity to investigate the Archibald Prize – Australia’s most prestigious portraiture competition, in which professional artists create a portrait of a person famous in the Arts, Letters, Science or Politics.

Following this process, Year 6 students were asked to select a famous person to research for their ‘Images of Greatness’ project and then create a portrait of their subject for the GRAPP.  Students applied various painting techniques to generate an acrylic canvas painting.

The end result was an exhibition of 100 acrylic paintings on view in the auditorium.  The paintings reflected individuality, a diversity of techniques and an appreciation of subject matter. Students were also asked to write an artist statement.  Here is what Shannen Lee and Annsley Lo had to say:

Martin Luther King Jr.

The reason I chose Martin Luther King Jr. as my Image of Greatness, is because what he did for the African-American community living in the U.S. He dedicated his entire life to unsegregating states around America, and changing the way black people were seen and treated. He managed to achieve this through non-violent means, and lead peaceful marches, and gave heartfelt speeches that inspired and touched the millions of people who witnessed his acts.

One thing I think I did well for my painting, is that it’s very distinct, in terms of art style. It’s not too realistic, as my art style is incapable of perfectly capturing the look and feel of a real human, but it doesn’t look like a blob with circular eyes and a button nose. You can definitely tell it’s Martin Luther King Jr. because I’ve added most of the features that define him, i.e. his signature moustache, large lips and haircut.

Shannen Lee | Year 6W

Margaret Thatcher

I choose Margaret Thatcher because she was the first women Prime Minster of Britain. She helped changed Britain into the best business countries ever. She was also a very strong and resilient person.

In my painting, the thinks that I think I did well is, the blending in the face. Also, I think I did well in painting the hair.

Annsley Lo | Year 6B

Winner of Teachers’s Award

Annsley Lo

1st runner up – Joanne Helly

2nd Runner up – Liya Xu and Josephine Lee

Winner of Packer’s Prize

Sean Baxter

1st Runner up –  Lucy Holt

2nd Runner up – Daniel Chen

Cridland, Narelle

Narelle Cridland | Specialist Teacher – Visual Arts (Primary)