A Wonderful Achievement by a Very Clever Young Man

Last month, Year 5 student Leighton Tang visited Yale University in Connecticut USA to attend an Award Ceremony for his exceptional result in the talents search, run by the John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY). Leighton, together with another 46 students received this special award with a certificate and a special badge.

Leighton had been recommended by his maths teacher to attend a “Talented Search test” carried out by the Johns Hopkins University for the talented programs in the USA. He competed with over 26,000 gifted and talented students from 50 States in the USA and over 80 countries all over the world. He ended up scoring extremely high marks with 98 percentile in the test and had received a “High Honor Award”.

After the Award ceremony, Yale University arranged a tour for all the students and parents around the university campus. Leighton is currently studying calculus on this talented program.

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Reed, Cameron

Cameron Reed | Dean of Studies, Primary