[ACAMIS Boys Soccer Recap] Blood, Sweat and Tears

ACAMIS Boys Squad

If blood, sweat and tears was a measure of success then the ACAMIS soccer tournament for the boys team was the greatest of triumphs.  Results may not have gone their way, but there was passion, desire and hard work aplenty.  For ten members of the 12 man squad this would be the last time they represented AISHK in this prestigious tournament and they created memories that will last them a life time.

Captained by AISHK soccer stalwart Shawnway Chu, the boys went forth into battle. Notable contributions came from, Ryan Rollason in goal, who stopped almost everything the opposition threw at him and Darby Durack who cracked home a thunderous shot to level the score in the play-off match. With so many players now leaving the fold, it is time for the next generation of ACAMIS boys to come to the fore.

Nelson, Ian

Ian Nelson | AISHK Boys Football Coach