A Message from the Dean of Studies, Secondary

In a recent Dhanara article, our Head of Year 10, Mr. Pulsford, made mention of that fact that, in the coming weeks, our Year 10 students will be considering their senior course and subject choices for 2018 and 2019. Our Head of Secondary, Mr. West, has also forwarded advice to parents of our Year 10 students about this process.

Mr. Pulsford and Mr. West made reference to important information sessions scheduled in the coming weeks at which the broad range of subject offerings available to our students upon transition into Year 11 will be outlined.

On Monday, 15 May, I will be meeting with the Year 10 students to provide an overview of our two senior courses, the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Higher School Certificate and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma program. Both the HSC and the IB Diploma are highly-recognised international academic credentials that offer entry into universities around the world. In my presentation with the students, I will be highlighting the key similarities and differences of both programs of study and the range of subjects offered in each course. However, underpinning the information provided will be the need for students to consider a number of key questions such as:

  • What subjects am I good at?
  • What subjects do I enjoy learning about?
  • Are there any prerequisites or compulsory subjects for studies in Year 11 and Year 12?

An additional information session for parents on our senior course offerings will be held on Thursday 18 May at 6:30pm in the AISHK Auditorium. This will be followed on 31 May by our initial subject selection interviews with parents and students where course and subject choices will be discussed.

For Year 10 students, potential pathways beyond secondary school become more of a focus in terms of course (IB or HSC) and subject choices for Year 11 and Year 12. Throughout each year, Ms Feona Crawford, Head of Careers, works closely with our Year 10 students to identify possible tertiary study and career options. In an age where young people entering the world of tertiary study and work are highly likely to have multiple options available to them, firm decisions and a future clearly mapped out may not be immediately apparent at this time. Preferences and interests do change and the need for students to keep their options open is important.

  • An information session for parents of Year 10 students on the HSC and IB courses of study will be held in the auditorium on Thursday 18 May at 6:30pm.
  • Year 10 subject selection interviews for parents and students will take place on the afternoon and evening of Wednesday 31 May.

If you have any queries or questions at any time, please do not hesitate to contact me.

McCorkell, Chris

Chris McCorkell | Dean of Studies, Secondary