Survey Results Briefing

Dear Parents and Friends of AISHK,

As you are aware, the Board requested Australian-based MMG Education Pty Ltd to conduct last year’s independent Parent Survey and Staff Survey.

For the next steps in the feedback process, Mr Tony Pfeiffer, Director of MMG Education, will visit the School later this month and conduct a review for staff. Staff will have an opportunity to hear results and ask questions. Mr Pfeiffer will also provide a debriefing to the Board of Governors during his visit, of both the staff survey and parent survey.

As usual, the results of the parent survey will be communicated in the School’s Annual Review.

The views of AISHK staff and parents are greatly valued and most important for the School in its operational and strategic planning.

On behalf of your Board of Governors, I wish to sincerely thank the 2016 parents and staff for their feedback and for the extent of information and quality of views expressed.


Tom Corkhill

Tom Corkhill | Board Chairman, Australian International School Foundation Limited