Student Ambassadors on display

I happily report that we had a much-appreciated vice-regal visit on Thursday.  His Excellency General The Honourable David Hurley AC DSC, Governor of New South Wales and Mrs Linda Hurley spent two hours with us touring the school and most importantly, engaging with our students.

The Governor and Mrs Hurley visited a spectrum of classes and activities including, Ms Robyn Gregory’s Year 12 Mathematics, Ms Chrissy Carini’s Year 9 Design and Technology and Ms Amanda Sze’s Technology workshop classes, Mrs Joanne Reed’s Year 6 class, Ms Demmin Smith’s Year 1 and Ms Sharlene Hayes Reception group. Having started at the rooftop garden, where Year 6 students, led by Ms Narelle Cridland, were working on their ‘Images of Greatness’ portraits, the visitors made their way down through the school to conclude with a morning tea with our prefects and primary leaders.

Throughout the tour, the students were the stars and they were most able in their ability to engage and communicate with our guests to talk about the learning activity underway. In most cases, there was a product evolving, which enabled easy conversations about what was taking place.

The Governor and Mrs Hurley were accompanied by his Official Secretary, Colonel Michael Miller. Colonel Miller conveyed his enthusiasm for the visit and his gratitude for the arrangements we had in place.

We hope to foster stronger working relationships through our NSW and Australian education connections and we are most grateful to Governor Hurley for adding his support to our endeavours.

In addition to the vice-regal visit, on Wednesday we had five senior Design and Technology students attend the launch of Melbourne Design Showcase at the Maritime Museum in Central. Students Jason He, Milla Bath, Liam Walters, Sakura McCorkell and Dhaan Braar toured the exhibition and met with Victorian Premier, The Honourable Mr Daniel Andrews.  They had the opportunity to play with some virtual reality equipment, supplied by RMIT, and coach Premier Andrews in some of the subtleties of VR manipulation. The school students were well received and were great AISHK ambassadors. Mr Andrews, in speaking about the plans for the Hong Kong Business of Design 2018, also mentioned to the audience his conversation with our students.

I am very proud of our students’ ability to represent their school, their families and their learning.


West, Howard

Howard West | Head of Secondary