Year 3 Science Fun With Dr Bunhead

On Thursday 11 May, Year 3 traveled to the Hong Kong Performing Arts and Drama Theatre to watch a science demonstration by Dr. Bunhead. It was explosive and entertaining. Some of our ears are still ringing. Read some of the student comments below about their experience:

Boom!! Bang!!! The balloon exploded with fire. In the balloon was oxygen and helium. Dr. Bunhead was amazing. I learned that the French invented the hot air balloon and the sheep, the duck and the chicken were the first to get close to space!! – Rose

Shrink, shrink, shrink, shrink! As Dr Bunhead put the hydrogen filled balloon in the liquid nitrogen it started to get smaller and smaller! It looked like I was watching a magic show! But when he took it out it started to get bigger again! But I then found out that molecules spread out when the balloon is hot. But when it got cold, the molecules got closer together.  – Ella

BANG! As hydrogen and oxygen made the balloon explode. Mr. Bunhead’s show was so amazing! I learned that hot air makes something go up and cold air makes something go down.  – Jasper

Whoof! The balloon popped when Dr. Bunhead set fire to the balloon. Next he put a hedgehog in a bazooka and blew him into the air. Then he got liquid nitrogen and put a balloon in it. The balloon shrunk but after he took it out it got bigger again that’s because hot air expands and cold air shrinks. Dr. Bunhead also used hot boiling water to make the same clouds as when the rocket ship blasts off into space. I learnt that the first animals to go to space were a sheep, chicken and a duck, then after 10 days people went to space. – Katie

Whirmmmph! After all, the big bang was a small tiny silent! Dr. Bunhead is a crazy scientist who lit his head on fire, and the fire was as orange as the sun! Did you know that hydrogen itself doesn’t make a bang but hydrogen with oxygen makes a big bang, and that the Americans had helium and Germans instead used hydrogen! – James

Flugge, Aaron(1)

Aaron Flugge | Year 3 Classroom Teacher