SRC Welcomes Second Visit from Kowloon Tong Government School

Yet again, Tuesday 3:15pm came around and with it, so did our special visitors from next door. This time these little faces seemed not so nervous, yet the smiles were definitely wider.  For their second visit, the students from Kowloon Tong Government School joined our SRC ECA students for an hour of learning and friendship. The room was slightly louder as enthusiastic chatter filled the air with questions of, ‘What is your favourite subject?’ and ‘What do you do after school?’

Our AISHK students made us proud with how they are innately restructuring sentences and even speaking in synonyms sometimes when they see even an inkling of confusion start to appear on their new friend’s face. We played games, did some talking and listening, shared a story then began to write our very own in groups. It was indeed another beautiful hour spent.

As the hands of the clock struck 4:15pm, the smiles, handshakes, waves and even the odd cuddle between students, really did bring our Positive Actions and Positive Relationships motto to light.

Here are some student comments about the week:

“It was so much fun meeting the kids from Kowloon Tong Government School and I hope that next time it will be just as good!”

“It was really, really fun to work with other kids and make new friends!”

Lemmon, Lynda

Lynda Lemmon | Year 6 Classroom Teacher