Representative Swimming

Our swimming season is approaching and we need to start selecting swimmers to represent AISHK for a number of local and overseas events. We have a core groups of school swimmers who swim at AISHK and we know what they are capable of achieving. However, if your child swims at an outside club and would like to be considered for the school swim team, please contact me ( with official proof of times for as many strokes as possible. If you don’t have current times, please e-mail me to arrange a time trial with our coaches Mark and Alex.

Our first events for the term will be the Discovery College Invitational Meet for Year 6 students on Thursday 8 June and the Discovery College Invitational Meet for Year 5 students on Thursday 15 June. Harrow International School have also invited our Year 4-6 swimmers to swim at their friendly meets later this term. More information will be sent later this term once we receive the details from Harrow.

If you have any queries regarding the school swim team, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Ohlson, Carl

Carl Ohlson | AISHK Swim Team Manager