Message from the Head of Secondary

With our commencement of classes from Tuesday and there were lots of stories of holiday adventures to be told between students and staff, and it seemed a happy return of all to the school campus.

We have been hosting and running the ACAMIS soccer competition this Thursday, Friday and into the weekend. Thank you to our families who have provided homestay opportunities for our visitors. This process is a great enabler of the camaraderie our students gain from the sports comp interaction. As the matches have been running we have seen an enthusiastic sense of competition and sportsmanship. There has been a tenacious and skilled approach to the playing tactics on the field providing much interest for the sideline supporters.

Meanwhile, 35 of our junior secondary MUN students departed for Kuala Lumpur on Thursday for a three day MYMUN conference. There was a great deal of preparation for this event and the students departed in high spirits, looking forward to their challenging encounters during the MUN conference.

I do hope many of you can join us for our annual Anzac Day service at 10.30am this Tuesday. It will be held by the Anzac memorial on the school field, as usual. It is always a special occasion to gather the whole school for such a significant commemorative event. This year the address will be given by Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Milton, Australian Army. We look forward to welcoming him and other special guests to the school.

We have a busy term ahead of us and Dhanara will be a valuable source of reporting about what happens. I would commend the video link, now in Dhanara and on the web site, which allows you to watch our excellent video reports from Activity Week. The quality of student video making and therefore the reporting, is outstanding. Most of the videos show strong production values and convey a great sense of humour. Please enjoy them.

West, Howard

Howard West | Head of Secondary