A Message from the Head of Secondary

Our secondary assembly on Wednesday had a number of highlights, but of note was the range of activities that were brought to the students’ attention. Mr Nick Crabb, from the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club gave a promotion about rowing to bolster our rowing ECA, while Mr Stephen Foley, Head of St Leo’s College, University of QLD, presented to Years 11 and 12 about the opportunities available in college life at university. Our guest presenters are always a most welcome addition to secondary assembly.

The inaugural TEDx event, 12 May, is a significant initiative in our school calendar with lots of audience opportunities. I’m sure this event will grow in the future, and this initial gathering has a lot of enthusiastic students pulling it together. Year 12 student, Howard Lau, gave some highlights about the Flying Club course available to students during the July summer holiday period. Any interested students should consider taking up this excellent beginner’s course.

Additionally, Jack McCorkell and Jonathan Banfield promoted our May 19-21 AISMUN event which attracts many visiting schools as well as our own students. We look forward to participating in these events.

In the assembly, I reminded the students that they are not to use their mobile phones during the school day, unless under instruction from a teacher. These devices can lead to a great degree of inattention and distraction and we have evidence of students using their phones to capture images which are then circulated inappropriately, with a potential to cause harm. Your involvement in coaching best practice in mobile phone etiquette and management will greatly enhance our work here at school. Please assume that your son or daughter’s phone is locked away during the school day. The Secondary Office can happily pass on urgent messages to students, if necessary.

We have over thirty presenters at our Careers Expo on 11 May, along with twenty universities manning Auditorium displays. Please plan to attend the event as well, 1:30pm-3:30pm in the Auditorium and various classrooms, as there will be a great deal of valuable careers based information available. Our conversations with senior students are regular and on-going following the careers event, as there can be many iterations of their plan for study and pathways beyond school. These are conversations that can generate a great deal of excitement and optimism and we look for family involvement as well.

I wish you and your family an enjoyable long weekend.

West, Howard

Howard West | Head of Secondary