Message from the Head of Primary

Welcome back to Term Two. This term is always very busy and full of learning. Some of the highlights of this term include: The Primary Peer Support Program, The LEAP program, The Early Childhood Swimming Carnival and student led conferences. Our wonderful Primary teachers have organised and planned many authentic learning activities and excursions that promote and support a love of and purpose for learning. These learning experiences bring learning to life and engage our student body. I am sure the students will have a term full of wonder. Please make an extra effort to discuss your child’s learning journey over the course of this term.

Uniform and Dress Code

Term Two brings the warmer weather so please refer to the School e-Handbook to ensure that your child is wearing the correct items of our trans-seasonal uniform. It is also very import that our students wear the AISHK branded school uniform, which is available only through the School Uniform Shop. This includes our school branded socks. Our uniform is trans-seasonal which means students can opt to wear items within the range, as applicable to their division of the school. Teachers will be inspecting uniforms and may contact you if your child needs support in this area.

Student Wellbeing

Within the next two weeks all parents from Prep to Year 9 will be invited to complete a school safety survey. This survey will give parents the opportunity to give feedback to the school about their child’s wellbeing and happiness. The data collected will be very important as we will use it to support our review into wellbeing and bullying at AISHK. Please take time to complete this survey when you receive it.

This week PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) released their 2015 report about student wellbeing. It is particularly interesting and relates well to our school theme of building positive relationships and our wellbeing review. The results from PISA show that in many countries, verbal and psychological bullying occurs frequently at school. The results state that more than one in ten students (which means at least a couple of students in a typical class) reported that their peers make fun of them at least a few times per month. Physical bullying is less frequent but still a problem in many schools. Around 4% of students (roughly one per class) reported that they are hit or pushed at least a few times per month and another 7.7% stated that they are physically bullied a few times per year. On average across OECD countries, 42% of students who reported that they are frequently bullied also reported feeling like an outsider at school. Students who feel like they are outsiders at school were three times more likely to report that they are not satisfied with their life than those who do not feel like they are outsiders. The report also states that in many countries students’ sense of belonging at school has declined since the last PISA report in 2003.

The PISA data also shows that certain types of parental activities are positively related not only to student performance but also to students’ satisfaction with their life. Students whose parents reported “spending time just talking to my child”, “eating the main meal with my child around the table” or “discussing how well my child is doing at school” every week were between 22% and 62% more likely to report higher levels of life satisfaction than students whose parents reported engaging in these activities less frequently.

The report also found that one major influence on a students’ sense of belonging at school is their perception of negative relationships with their teachers. Happier students tended to report positive relationships with their teachers. Students in “happy” schools reported much greater support from their teachers than did students in “unhappy” schools.

As seen from above, the subject of student wellbeing is multi-dimensional and highly interconnected with all aspects of our students’ lives. We all have a vital role to play in the wellbeing of our students and I look forward to sharing further information and our school’s data with you as we undergo our student wellbeing review.

Shirley, David

David Shirley | Head of Primary