Report from the SDRC Volleyball Tournament in Shekou, Shenzhen

On 9 March the AISHK Junior Boys and Girls volleyball teams set off for QSI Shekou, Shenzhen to represent the school at the 2017 SDRC Volleyball tournament.  Most players were newcomers to the sport, so our shared goal was to develop our skills in preparation for tournaments later in the season. We played six matches over three days and pushed our more experienced opponents to the brink in a number of tense sets.

We improved significantly over the weekend, with Emily Busby and Oscar Chaplin making their respective Boys and Girls ‘All-Star’ teams. AISG were triumphant in both divisions, but they were challenged by the home school and SIS in front of wild crowds.

In our consolation finals, the Boys played their finest match, going down by a narrow 2-point margin thanks to a more cohesive strategy and a willingness to help each other on the court. Despite this loss we were clearly the better team as we had less mistakes and we played our hearts out. Our supporters cheered on until their voices were hoarse. But that may have been due mostly to the disco and the homestay, two experiences which were all the rage on the bus ride home.

Daniel Stapleton & Madelyn Javes | SDRC Volleyball Captains