[Student Report] Hysan Healthy Hike and Run

On 20 March Olivia Dudman (6W) competed in an outdoor mountain race here in Hong Kong, coming in an extremely impressive 2nd place in the Open Women’s category. Pretty good for a Year 6 student! Her mum is also in training to go to Base camp on Mount Everest later on in the year, so I hope to report on more of their impressive achievements in the future.  Well done, Olivia! Read on for Olivia’s own account of the race.

On Sunday, my sister, mum and I completed a five-kilometre race. This race is a yearly event held right on the border out in the mountains near Yuen Long. It is hosted by Action Asia, which also hosts a variety of races and events. My family and I do this race every year, and it is great fun. The race is a hike/run; lots of downhills, a bit of road, off road tracks and total bush otherwise. The track is marked by officials and ribbons, and I know my way around well. The track is surrounded by beautiful forestation and plants, rivers, mountains and wildlife. On Sunday, we ran this race along with 1000 others. Many adults as well as children competed in a 5k race, a 13k race or a 19k race.

First, we took a big bus out to the border, at 6:30 in the morning. When we arrived, it was rainy and miserable and we all had to race to cover. We were drenched and freezing, and we had gotten word that the race had been delayed for an hour and a half thanks to thunderstorms. We sat under the little pagoda for a really long time, rain falling steadily. But, luckily, the race was back on track and we all crowded to the start line. We ran for ages, up hills then down them, up stairs and down them and always trying to keep everyone off our tail. When the finish line was in sight, I ran, then waited for the others. I had come 2nd and was really happy and proud. Last year, I came 5th, so I had achieved my goal. I received an awesome, shiny, gold trophy and headphones.

What I love most about this race is that it is a family event and it is great for fitness and gives me something to work towards. I love training at school and at home, and the gritty, muddy, trail is always fun to run, rain or shine. I especially love when it’s cold and rainy, so you don’t have to worry about getting hot. Last year, it was cold, and overcast, and there were many fast ones to beat. This year, I worked that little bit harder and placed well, and I love the sense of achievement you receive, along with that shiny golden trophy. It’s awesome to be able to say that you ran a 5k race up in the mountains, in the rain, in the cold. This is why I love Hysan, and I will do it again next year, along with some new competitors and old. I got myself in for a bit more training.

Olivia Dudman | 6W

Wnek, Mark

Mark Wnek | Year 6 Teacher