Sports Competition Team Uniforms

Point of Sale and Distribution

We are pleased to advise that the Sports and ECAs office has taken delivery of the newly designed team uniforms. Mr Bennie and Ms Lam, in the Sports Office, will be managing the sale of these items to team members as they move into their training and competition seasons.

The sports with the newly styled uniforms are: Soccer, Touch Rugby, Athletics and Cross-Country, Basketball, Volleyball, Racquet Sports, Rowing.

The new look is designed to fit the established look of our school uniforms, and in particular follow the colours and styling established by our Rugby and Netball uniforms. These two original team uniforms continue to be manufactured by our uniform supplier, MIDAS, and will always be sold through the Uniform Shop, only.

Sports team members will be advised by their managers when they need to purchase their team uniforms and they will be directed to the 3/F sports office to make the purchase and collection. Mr Bennie and Ms Lam have purchase order forms in place for parents.

We expect our players to feel an increased sense of team identity, with their new uniform look, and that they will also feel more comfortable due to the cut and fabric being used. The Eco Fit fabric by Tsunami is custom developed via the collection and management of recycled fabrics, so it also has a very ‘green and conservation’ signature.

Stay tuned for more updates on these fantastic new uniforms in action, in our upcoming school publications.

West, Howard

Howard West | Head of Secondary