Silver and Gold Swimming Wins in Australia

Bill Thorley 1

During the Christmas break, students Sam and Bill Thorley entered five Open Water competitions in Australia as lead-ups to the nationals-level. In an outstanding result, they went on to win or place in all of them, starting with the NSW State Open Water Championships in Sydney, in which they both won the gold medal in the 10km in their age groups.

In the Australian Open Water Championships in Adelaide, Bill won the silver medal in the 5km.

At the Australian Championships, there were 44 swimmers in the 13-14 years boys 5km, who were only accepted if they had qualified by time. Bill took the lead from the start and, despite close competition, jellyfish stings and leg cramps throughout the race,  struggled and fought to hang on to the silver.

Sam swam in the 7.5km at the nationals, with a strong lead at the start. After an admirable effort, Sam finished 13th in the 16 years boys Division.

Bill’s result is the first time that any Hong Kong swimmer has won a medal at the Australian Nationals, in the pool or in open water.

This was a tremendous achievement for both boys who should be commended on their hard work and dedication to swimming.

Bennie, Niall

Niall Bennie | Director of Sport and Activities