[School Captains’ Message] Leadership

Last week, we had the honour of attending the Primary Leadership Assembly, and presenting badges to the Primary Leaders of 2017. We were so impressed to see the level of enthusiasm and eagerness of the students, in wanting to take on a leadership role. As we stood on stage addressing the Primary Division, we reflected on how far we have come since being at AISHK from the beginning of our formal school life, thirteen years ago. It was so heart-warming to look at all their young excited faces, with all their potential to achieve so much in their future.

We are enormously humbled to take on the role as School Captains as we take great pride in leading the student body. We know how privileged we are in being able to represent the school in this capacity and to ensure that we voice the students’ views and conduct ourselves in the best interest of everyone to improve the well-being and welfare of students and we are so thankful to be given the opportunity to serve and be custodians of the school values.

Since taking the oath of office late last year, the Prefects are all aware of the responsibility and trust that has been place on us as we assume our roles as student leaders of the School. Since accepting our appointments, we are very conscious of striving for excellence and working to “fulfil the aims of the school and represent student views, in various groups, concerned with developing and promoting our school.” (quoted from the Oath of Office).

Friendship Day also occurred last week which saw students participating in a range of activities revolving around teamwork and collaboration. Organised by the Prefects with support from the SRC (Student Representative Council), it clearly showed the ability of us all to work so seamlessly together. The day also saw students donating money to charity (the Christina Noble Children’s Charity) and giving back to their friends by exchanging gifts such as roses, chocolates and cards as a token of appreciation.

As we celebrate our 22nd Birthday, we look forward in embracing another year of success as we strive to make the school a better place for everyone by working in our student, Prefect and SRC Teams.  Collectively we hope to build strong bonds and friendships with students across all grades and continue to uphold our school values and 2017 motto: Positive Actions and Positive Relationships.

Free, DanaLo, Brayden
Dana Free | School CaptainBrayden Lo | School Captain