Celebrating a Journey from Prep to Year 12

At last week’s Graduate Scholars’ assembly we congratulated 22 Year 12 students who commenced their final year of study at ASIHK after starting that journey 13 years ago in the Preparatory class. This is a significant recognition in itself, but it is also testament to the support of their parents in choosing the school initially, and then maintaining their sons’ and daughters’ enrolment. With 34% of our Year 12 cohort being such a long-term part of the school, there is a strong sense of their connection to the teachers and personalities from their primary school years as well as their secondary years’ engagement.

Those students are:

Jonathan Banfield
Yat Yu Chan
Trevor Cheng
Shawnway Chiu
Sapphira Choi
Melvin Ho
Jenkin Lai
Hayden Lam
Sunny Lau
Brayden Lo
Jack McCorkell
Thomas Norton
Stephanie Tang
Kyle Van Beers
Sacha Winsor
Zoe Yau
Annabelle Burton
Dana Free
Deborah Lam
Andrew Law
Olivia McDuffie
Christy Yeung

We look forward to their graduation at our very special Valedictory Assembly held on September 20. This is a significant occasion to mark the completion of secondary school for the entire Year 12 class.

West, Howard

Howard West | Head of Secondary