Arts Showcase 2017

In June of this year the Performing Arts department and a team of visual artists will present a major showcase themed “The Traveller”. We plan to travel “Around the World in 80 Minutes” by visiting the seven continents of the World.

We start from home here in Asia by first enjoying some wonderful music and visuals from this dynamic part of the world. We will fly to Australia and explore the vastness of this continent before heading further south to the Antarctica. Leaving snow and ice behind we will transport ourselves to the South American continent and enjoy some Latin American culture followed by a trip up north to the world of jazz in North America. It is then off the Europe before heading down to our final continent of Africa.

Student Involvement

All students from Years 3-12 have the opportunity of being involved in this showcase through a number of ways:

  • By joining one of the music ensembles – Orchestra, Wind Band, String Ensemble, Primary Choir or Secondary Vocal Ensemble
  • By auditioning for the drama troupe – Auditions will take place on Thursday 9 February 3:45pm in the 2F rehearsal room
  • By auditioning for the dance troupe – Auditions will take place on Thursday 9 February 3:45pm in the Auditorium

Students can enquire or register for any of the above at the Performing Arts office.

Get involved and have some fun, as well as contribute to your school in a powerful way.

Tyler, Graeme

Graeme Tyler | Head of Performing Arts