Updates from the Director of Sports and Activities

The ECA Schedule for Term 1 is already taking shape with a number of new sports and activities on offer. As a department we have listened to parents constructive ideas regarding training and game times of different sports. As some sports are on the same days we have had to look at the schedule and where possible tried to alleviate this. We need to be mindful that some sports have always been on a particular day with the majority of the students and parents preferring it to stay this way. Students have to think very carefully before choosing there ECA’s and sport so as not to over commit where they are unable to attend a sport training due to a clash with another ECA.

Another topic of conversation that has been raised with regards to our schools representative teams was how much time each player gets on the playing court. While the school has no official policy regarding game time as coaches we always attempt to make game time as fair and equitable as possible for all involved. In spite of this, some students may receive less time in certain games in attempt to push for top positions in Hong Kong’s very competitive sporting competitions. While we need to be mindful of the participation level of our students we also need to remember students have a competitive nature and a will to win and the expectations of these students is extremely high. We are also conscious of students attendance at previous games, knowledge of strategy, positioning, versatility, skill, absent players, attending their ECA training all of which we try to take into account during coaching and selection.

New ECAs

One of the new activities that will be offered in Term 1 schedule for 2017 is Ice Hockey which is run by HKCAD and offers a school ice hockey programme suitable for students from Year 3-12. We will look at running the activity on two separate days to involve as many students as possible. All instructors and equipment are supplied by HKCAD . Additional information can be found by clicking here.

We have also been approached by Foundation Academy who specialise in three specific programs called Foundations Filmmaker, Foundations Novelist and Foundations Orator. These programs are aimed at enhancing a child’s confidence and skills through fun, imaginative and exciting programs. Information on the course can be found by clicking here.

The third activity that we will add to the ECA schedule for term one will be Rock Climbing and Bouldering which is currently included as part of our Friday activity program. The students will learn how to train their bodies in balance, coordination and physical fitness which are all important components of climbing. They will also enjoy climbing in a fun, safe and supportive setting. For more information please click on the link below. www.gonaturehk.com


I just wanted to extend a HUGE congratulations once again to the brilliant netballers Mrs Ruskin and I took to the ICHK tournament this week.

They were truly outstanding and not only played exceptionally but demonstrated sensational sportsmanship and as Jess Martin said “We had so much fun!”

We won our group stage and as a result of being the “BEST 1st PLACE” team – we were fast tracked to the Cup Final and were victorious, winning 6-4 against Harrow in the final.

A huge congratulations to the team for all their efforts.

Thank you to all teachers for excusing them from class to be part of this tournament held in Hong Lok Yuen

Thanks again to Mrs Arnold and Mr Bennie for entering the tournament and for organising everything in order for our students to compete in the competition.

Out of School Achievements

Congratulations to Amelie Grace Gibson ! Amelie who is a member of Sportscene Gymnastics was able to participate in the Prime 24th International Invitational Gymnastics Competition 2016 in Singapore which was held on Nov 17-20 2016. She participated in WAG level 5. Her results were amazing with her becoming the 2nd Runner-up in the Vault, the 3rd Runner-up in Balance Beam and the 4th Runner-up all round. Amelie and her team won the 3rd Runner-up in Team Champion Competition.

Sports Quote of the Week

“Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you”

Niall Bennie | Director of Sports and Activites