This Week's Message from the Secondary Division

Speech Day 2016

We are coming to our penultimate celebratory assembly, Speech Day, on Tuesday 13 December at 1.30pm. We will be holding the event at the Hong Kong Baptist University Academic Community Hall and we look forward to you being able to join us for the occasion.

Today we notified families of students who were receiving prizes, so that they could prepare to join us for the celebration. Prize giving, to celebrate success, goes back a long way and we certainly embrace it by presenting a large number of awards to our students.

Significantly, we will be giving 93 subject prizes, for first place in a subject, 25 Academic colours awards for a high level of achievement across all subjects, five improvement awards, six Parent Association sponsored citizenship awards, and five awards for community service.

There are also special awards given by the school each year, which hold great significance. These awards are:

  • The Year 12 Best All-Round student
  • The Reid Family Prize for Putonghua in Year 7
  • The School Citizenship Prize
  • The Phillip Day Memorial Prize
  • The International Relations Award for MUN
  • MADE partners Design and Technology Award
  • The School Captains Prize, and
  • Dux of the School

There will also be a large number of students receiving their Hong Kong Award for Young People – Bronze level for Year 9 students; and Silver level for those who have worked further in the AYP program. In other jurisdictions, this award is known as The Duke of Edinburgh Award.

There will be much to celebrate of and with our students in the program, and I look forward to congratulating them all.

The next day, in our final school assembly, we will distribute Merit Certificates based on school report Effort grades. I always emphasise to the students the importance of gaining a Merit Certificate, since it celebrates their efforts, regardless of their abilities and grade outcomes. Students with a majority of ‘A’ grades in Effort will be celebrated at the final assembly before we depart for holidays.

The Hong Kong Award for Young People

This weekend, over three days, there are twelve Year 10 and 11 students completing an extended, self-directed hike in the Sai Kung District as a part of their Silver HKAYP program. It is quite a rigorous exercise and I commend their diligence in pursuing what is a highly esteemed award in community service and endurance. These students, and others before them, have been guided by Mr Don Somerville for many years, and I thank him for his valuable and sustaining work in this area. He is passing the leadership and management of our HKAYP program to Mr Drew Skellern, who is supervising this current hiking expedition. They will be successfully back at school on Monday.

Howard West | Head of Secondary

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week, our Year 11 Design and Technology students were involved in simulated product design sessions. Based loosely on the popular television series The Dragon’s Den, the students were asked to present an overview of a product they have been working on in their classes in recent times, with a view to ultimately taking that product to market. The panel of ‘Dragons’ charged with the task of assessing each presentation and providing feedback to the students was comprised of both successful business people (architects, bankers, designers, etc.) and current and recently-graduated AISHK Business and Design and Technology students.

I was fortunate enough to attend all three sessions in which sixteen of our highly talented and creative students presented their overviews of either a concept or an actual product. These ranged from addressing the problem of stray animals in Hong Kong and designing a wake board for persons with disabilities to designing flexible classroom spaces and creating a diet to cater to those people who have low tolerance to spicy foods. What a delight it was to witness such innovative, highly engaging and confident presentations from the students. A big thank you to Ms Carini, her team and the invited Dragons for staging such a wonderful event. I have no doubt that many of our budding designers and entrepreneurs will look back in the years ahead and be grateful that such an event provided the initial spark of inspiration that set them on the path to success.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, we hosted a visit to the school by students and teachers from our sister school, Beijing Number 2 High School. This annual event provides our students with a wonderful opportunity to mix with their peers from China and converse in an authentic language setting. I was able to visit a number of the classes and was impressed with the manner in which our students were able to share a little of their own experiences of life in Hong Kong with our visitors while also making use of the opportunity to put into practice the skills they have acquired in their Chinese language classes. We look forward to welcoming our visitors again in 2017.

Chris McCorkell | Dean of Studies, Secondary