Dragon's Den

Week 8 saw the return of AISHK Dragon’s Den – the annual event for Year 12 Product Design students to pitch their design concepts to a panel of industry professionals. The format is influenced by the TV series Dragon’s Den & Shark Tank – intimidating and authentic! The panel was made up of professionals who work in business, design, or related industries.

Each student pitched their design problem and proposed solution to the panel, which then gave a critique of the design concept in regards to marketplace viability, market need, design direction, and solution. The panel was invited to be as critical as necessary, as the feedback will assist the students in development of their HSC Major Design Project, which is worth 60% of students’ final mark. Though presenting to a panel of industry professionals can be a daunting task, the Year 11 students were confident, clear and enthusiastic. Students can now apply the expert feedback to their Major Design Projects giving their proposed design concept an authentic marketplace analysis.

This year's Dragon’s Den spanned three days, with students presenting to a panel which included investment bankers, engineers, designers, marketing executives, architects and professors, amongst others. We also invited previous HSC students who could feed back on the syllabus as well as students from the IB Business Management class to allow them to apply concepts that they have learned about on their own course.

Thank you to the entire panel of Dragons for giving your time to our students, and everyone who came in to watch.

HSC Design Major Design Projects will be complete and on display in September 2017.

Christina Carini | Teacher of Design & Technology