Year 6 Students Welcomed to Secondary School on Transition Day

Year 6 to Year 7 Transition Day was held on the 23 November. It was a day for Year 6's to get a small slice of life as secondary students.

Year 6's were welcomed to the day by an address from our school prefects, who spoke about many of the activities that secondary students could get involved with. They also met their new homeroom teachers for a morning of activities.

Each homeroom experienced two secondary lessons during the day, which covered a range of subjects like Maths, Art, Performing Arts, and Science. Student involvement and enthusiasm was overwhelming! Year 6's also got to have recess and lunch with their secondary colleagues, where they enjoyed a sausage sizzle.

Year 6 students are encouraged to stay in touch before the start of secondary school in 2017. There is a ‘Year 6 to 7′ forum set up on the OLP where students can introduce themselves or ask questions about secondary school to our Prefects or their Head of Year, Ms. Carini.