This Week's Message from the Primary Division

As school winds down and the end-of-the-year events start crowding the calendar (from the Jingle and Mingle to our Primary Speech Day to farewells of close friends) it is very important to remember that our academic year isn't over just yet! I believe it is essential that we encourage our children to finish their school year with their best effort. At times this can become quite a challenge but here are a few tips that could help during this busy time

Stick with the routine
Try your best to stick with your child's regular school routine until the last day of term. Continue to monitor homework and activities and check to make sure your child is still meeting deadlines and completing tasks. This routine will help your child remain focused and confident in class.

Keep in touch with school class and school events
Being informed and remaining organised is vital during this time of the school year. Please make sure you continue to read classroom newsletters and the Dhanara. Note down times and special events that your child needs to attend. It is also important that you continue to check your child’s school diary each night. Lastly, please ensure that you communicate with your classroom teacher and the school and inform us about any early departures or events that may conflict with the normal school routine.

Personal appearance
I believe it is important that students wear the correct school uniform until the last day of term. Wearing our school uniform is a badge of pride; it creates an identity for a school and it is an important part of being a school student at AISHK. This pride and attention to detail helps students understand that holidays have not started yet and we are all working together to do the best we can until the very last day of school. It is also important that hair styles and the wearing of jewellery are monitored. Please ensure you check your child’s appearance each day before they go to school. We all have a responsibility to help our children adhere to our uniform standards.

Address stress
If your child is showing symptoms of end of year stress make sure you talk to them about it. This is particularly important if you are moving back to Australia, moving to another school or making the transition to another part of our school. The thought of leaving their friends and the safe environment of the Primary Division can affect some of our students. We are very fortunate at AISHK to have wonderful School Counsellors available to help guide you and your children if you need any support during this transition.

Saying Goodbye and keeping in touch
The end of the school year can be bittersweet, even for children who can’t wait for the Christmas holidays. It is important that they get a chance to say goodbye to their teachers who will wish them well for the holidays but also give them the reassurance about the year to come. This will help over the holiday period as your child starts to think about the new school year. It is also important that children get a chance to say goodbye to friends that are leaving the school. Generally our students are rather resilient and understand the environment of an international school but closure on special relationships is still very important. Technology today also makes it relatively easy to keep in touch so encourage your child to collect contact details of close friends. For those staying in Hong Kong over the holiday period make sure you give your child the opportunity to catch up with other friends who may be staying in town for the festive season.

If you have any questions concerning the last few weeks of school please don’t hesitate to contact the Primary Office.

David Shirley | Head of Primary

On Wednesday of this week all students in the Primary Division were able to participate in a modified time capsule experience. All 650 students enrolled from Reception to Year 6 came to my office and wrote their name upon my wall. I had explained to them that the names were then going to be covered by pin boards. I also let them know that in years to come the pin boards would be removed and that there name would hopefully still be there. Most of them thought it was a really cool idea. I did also remind them that they were not to do this anywhere else, especially not in their bedroom. For our year 6 students it was a little emotional as it was a reminder that their time in Primary was coming to an end. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, however it actually looks pretty good. Living in Hong Kong we can often focus on the transient nature of the environment. It often then prevents us from feeling as though we belong. The walls in my office are just a little sample of the many students who belong to our AISHK family. If you happen to visit the Primary Office before the school year end, please feel free to come and have a look.

Cameron Reed | Dean of Studies, Primary